Møn - the darkest place in Denmark

Welcome to Bo-Her

Bo-Her is a lovely house on Vestmøn from which it is easy and fast to get to nature experiences and sights on Møn, Bogø, Lolland and Falster.
Bo-Her is situated right in the middle of the Camøno-route "King Asgers High", which is 27 km long.

Why vacation on Møn?

because here you'll find

  • Denmark's best fishing opportunities
  • the most beautiful hiking trail Camønoen
  • Dark Sky Park - the only one in Scandinavia - which is not polluted by city lights
  • and one of Europe's best beaches
  • the wildest nature


The house is furnished with comfortable furniture for common cosiness or for immersion in a book.

Outside are terraces with garden furniture both in front and behind.

Lots of games for children and childish souls - both inside and out.

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You can choose to bring your own linen or you can rent it by us.

You can always relay on a clean house, as we take care of this ourselves, and because we do not allow smoking or pets in the house.

If you book the house for more than 5 days, you will automatically get a discount.

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If there are any questions you ar most welcome to contact us by mail or phone. You can also book the house directly here. It is a good idea to give us a priority 2 for arrival, if the house should be taken.

Remember that the order has to be confirmed and paid before you can be sure of the booking.


Bo-Her / Sommerhus Møn

Røddingevej 16, Røddinge
DK-4780 Stege.

+45 3013 1118
web @ sommerhus-mon.dk

Bank: 9070 2600278080