Pearls of Møn

Pearls of Møn

 Beautiful buildings


In the nature

Liselund park with its castle, a Chinese tea pavilion, a Norwegian log cabin, lakes, streams and memorials are located close to Møns Klint and are worth a visit. The park is open all year round, where you can bring your own food. There is also a restaurant and cafe on site.

Møn Museum is located right in the middle of Stege City and offers various exhibitions, city walks and local archives - and of course tells the story of the market town of Stege.

Thorsvang Samlermuseum tells about the world from yesterday! Here you can visit shops and working workshops as they looked when grandpa was young! The collections are run by enthusiasts for the joy of happy curious people of all ages.

The churces on Møn are very special, exhibiting medieval craftsmen in frescoes and ornaments.


There are about 800 burial mounds on Møn. In the Peasant Stone Age (4000-1700 BC) thousands of burial mounds were built. The most well-known type are the stone dolmens and the slightly younger burial chambers. On Møn you will find some of the most beautiful stone dolmens and burial chambers.

At the double burial chamber Klekkendehøj on Møn (which is only 1 km from Bo-Her) with two burial chambers - the Cultural Heritage Agency has arranged one of the stone-built burial chambers with pottery, stone axes, bones and 'mummified Stone Age people' so you can get a sense of how the burial chambers have looked out when they were in use. Sprovedyssen and Kong Asgers Høj are just opposite each other only 2 km from Bo-Her.

Of Denmark's approximately 42 wild orchid species, you can enjoy the sight of as many as 18 different on Høje Møn. They are mainly found on the overgrown Høvblege and Jydelejet as well as in Klinteskoven, where you also encounter many beautiful and rare butterfly species.