Møn in the world

Møn in the world

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Dark Sky 

Dark Sky over Møn and Nyord can be seen year round and is a unique experience. Møn and Nyord was appointed as the first Dark Sky Park og Community. In a Dark Sky Park the night darkness is protected from local light pollution, so you have the best and clearest view of the starry sky.
In both August and December, you have the opportunity to count shooting stars when the dark nights are lit by fireworks. Take a sleeping bag or blanket out and lie down and enjoy the night darkness and the stars.
If you want to explore the Møn landscape at night, you can go out with a naturguide ,where you get
an intense experience of sounds, smells and lights.

Also you can attend a Dark Sky photosafari, where a skilled guide has different equipment with and can guide you in the use of your own equipment.


UNESCO Biofære

In June 2017, the appointment of Møn and Nyord came as Denmark's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Watch video HERE.
There is room for active people in nature, we live by it, and with the UNESCO biosphere appointment, the interaction between humans and nature has been made the main development strategy for the local community. With the possibility that UNESCO rings can spread in the water.
The biosphere is the space that surrounds us with all the habitats and species on land, in the water and in the air. The biosphere is our common basis of existence, and we have a special responsibility to safeguard it. Of all UNESCO programs, biosphere reserves are places that place the most emphasis on humans.

UNESCO Verdensarv

In 2018, Møns Klint was nominated for a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And it is estimated that the chances are very great that it will succeed. The chalk cliffs are "outstanding universal value" and must be protected as uniquely glacially created coastal landscapes.
An application work will start as soon as possible, which is expected to be ready by 2023. When / if this is approved, Møn will have the strongest starting point for sustainable growth in tourism, as Møns Klint joined the National Natural cannon in 2018.