Close to Møn

Close to Møn

Nyord butik   Bogø Mølle   Farøbroen


On the car-free island, Nyord, you can easily spend a whole day exploring both Nyord City and the surrounding nature.

The bird sanctuary on Nyord's large meadows is home and resting place for thousands of birds. In the evening, when the sun is going down, swallows and starlings gather and make fantastic flying shows over the meadows.

The Noorbo trade is worth a funny visit. Whiskey is sold in bulk, which you choose from the large whiskey wall. You can also buy locally produced foods like strawberry flavored mustard or other specialties.



From Bogø Harbor you can sail with the Ferry IDA to Stubbekøbing on Falster - and you can easily take the bike with you.

At Bogø Lighthouse, there are good conditions for loading kayaks and canoes.

If you like hiking, there is a lovely walk, which goes through Bogø By and Østerskoven. In the forest you come across Løskøbelsesstenen, (a big memorial stone) which is a memorial from 1769, where the inhabitants redeemed Bogø from the crown.

Bogø Mølle is owned by Bogø Møllelaug, which has just been undergoing an extensive renovation. The mill is open in the summer, and various events are arranged.



Farø is best known for the Farø Bridge, which connects Zealand and Falster on the motorway.

But if you drive off the motorway on Farø, there seems to be only one parking space and a kiosk.

But Farø is one of Denmark's best kitesurfing spots. Here you will often meet other surfers - both windsurfers and kitesurfers.

You surf from the dam east of Farøbroen towards Bogø.