Cliffs of Møn

Cliffs of Møn

 Møns Klint


Geocenter Møns Klint

A 6 km chalk mountain stretches along the coast of Østmøn. A fantastic sight and a unique place in Denmark, yes the whole world. Møns Klint is worth a visit - and also a walk down and up the 496 steps, where you on the beach have the opportunity to find amber or fossils.

Whether you are for hiking, biking, horseback riding or just want to enjoy nature and views, there are all options. Also, if you are a wheelchair user or have a pram with you, as a 267 meter long wooden path has been built to the viewpoint Freuchens Pynt.


The center is built into the cliff and tells the story of Denmark's creation through 70 million years. It is also the story of dinosaurs, supervolcanoes, meteor showers, glaciers and a time when the sea was full of dangerous monsters.

There are exhibitions about the birth of Denmark, about flint, there is a glacier cinema - and you can experience fantastic 3D films about past monsters or you can participate in virtual reality or various workshops.