Beer and Sweets

Beer and Sweets

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Møn Bolcher

A visit to Møn Bolcher (sweets) opens up for a surprise, as the company has changed its name to Møn Shop, because they have expanded the range to include Dragées.

Furthermore, the company houses Kaffehuset Møn, where as one of the few micro-roasteries in Denmark, they import and roast specialty coffee from many parts of the world.


Møn Ice Cream

At Møn Is you can both see and pet the cows, which supply milk to their dairy and thus the ice cream.


In addition to ice cream, they have expanded the business so that it is possible to buy organic rapeseed oils.


Bryghuset Møn

A visit to Bryghuset (brewery) gives you many options to choose from special beers, where the barley for the malt is harvested in the surrounding fields.

In addition to beer, they also produce juices and sodas, all of which are organic.