Hiking on Scandinavia's most interesting hiking trails

Møn has a unique nature, with fantastic walking areas, lovely forests and abundant bird areas. Just north of Stege is Ulvshale Forest with numerous trails that are perfect for hiking. South of that is an area of juniper and heather.
The island Nyord contains salt marshes and reed swamps, which are important breeding and resting areas for waterfowls.

Are you fond of wandering long days - or are you for small short trips?
Moen has it all!
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on Østmøn.

magleby moens-klint


Denmark's response to the Camino!
which opened in June 2016.A great hiking trail in Bogø, Møn Nyord.

BoHer is situated right in the middle of the Camøno-route "King Asgers High", which is 27 km long.

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    Cycling for the family and cycling for daredevils !

At Møn, there are opportunities for all kinds of cycling. From beautiful and easy walks to challenging and difficult mountain bike tours.

Bicycles can be rented several places. Blue. at Fribikeshop in Stege and at Camping Mons Klint, where you can rent mountain bikes


It's also a good idea to take your bike on one of the small ferries, so you can get a little further away.

For example. The Ferry Møn, which sails between Stege and Kalvehave or The Ferry Ida, which sails between Bogø and Stubbekøbing.

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Family trips

Challenging trips

    Denmark's best angling opportunities

Here are fishing for beginners and for the discerning advanced. Here you can catch garfish and herring - and if you go out with a boat you can catch cod, salmon and sea trout. There are opportunities for wade fishing right from Lille Klint to Store Klint (about 3-4 km.)



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 Other activities



Møn Golf Center has an 18 hole medium-hard course, which is beautifully situated on Stege Nor.

Møn Islændercenter on Østmøn has riding every day in the forest at Møns Klint


Visit Sydsjælland-Møn has more information on a nice vacation on Møn



Møn has on its coastline many lovely clean beaches. Several of the beaches have received the Blue Flag, which ensure disabled access.
Only 3 km from BoHer is a small peaceful beach Orehæld Beach.
Not far from the house is Hårbølle Beach, a sandy beach with dunes, large parking space and access to toilets.
By Stege Bay is an artificial landscaped beach which is very child friendly and also suitable for windsurfing and sailing.
North of Stege is Ulvshale Strand, who has been named as one of Europe's best beaches.
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